Let’s talk Aspergers

Well, okay. Psych majors – I get it. I was one too. Asperger’s Syndrome isn’t a thing that exists anymore and it’s just ‘high-functioning autism’ now, but when people say autistic, truly, what do you think? I never honesty understood what it meant to be autistic myself until I discovered that, more than likely, I have it. I don’t say that as a detrimental thing that happened to my life. Gods, no. Does it make living life hard? Well yeah. It has it’s moments. It explains why I acted the way I did when I was a kid and explains how and why I act the way I do now.
Sometimes that means I have to skip out on concerts, events and hanging out with friends because it gets too loud and too crowded (which is why I have my Zombers. He’s gonna help with all of that) or trying to maintain my composure in public even though the lights are way to bright and I want to throw things and no one seems to understand why I’m asking them to quiet down for just a minute.Ā  Sometimes it’s getting mad at the smallest, stupidest noises for no explainable reason than it just pisses you off.
But at the same time. It also means catching patterns in the way people play Magic; the Gathering. It means studying relentlessly on something just because it interests you. Staying up all hours of the night just because there’s so much more to learn about how to play a video game (personal experience. One of my friends got me into playing Destiny and I suck at first person shooter games. RPGs are more my thing. But dammit. I’m learning the controls and she’s been praising me when ‘I kill a thing’ and it makes me happy). It also means finding pleasures in the small things people do for you because you’ve spent your entire life being the ‘weird’ kid. So when someone does something nice for you, just because and they aren’t doing it because they feel sorry for you, it wells up so much that you can be on what I call a ‘happy high’ for days. Even just over something so silly as ‘Good job Miyu! You killed a thing!!’ (Video game speak of course). It means that when your girlfriend gives you a present she’s been working on just because she wanted to do something for you, it feels like getting a gift from the gods themselves.

No, it’s not all bad. And I’m a terrible person sometimes that I dwell on what’s wrong with me and that because I’m bad for seeing the world differently instead of trying to realise that the way I see the world, is probably one of the best ways to see it. You can see everything! The good, the bad. The good intentions turned bad, and the bad intentions turned good. But somehow still able to get up in the morning and seeing the blessings.
So the T.V. is also playing in the back ground so I’m not 100% sure if the stuff I’m writing is making sense. I hope it is.

What I was going to say. My point. My tl;dr.
I found an article on Facebook called ’50 Important Facts of having Mild Autism’. It really conveys the way I, and many others like me, see the world. It makes company feel a little less harsh. It is kind of nice and flows really well (I think. It might just be because I know where the author is coming from).

I’ll provide a link below, but I want you guys to read it. Not just to know me but if you ever come across a friend, a child, or some other person doing something odd or ‘weird’, you can know a little better where they’re coming from and how hard they’re working to try to understand you.

Linky link.
And now I bid you all adieu. Enjoy the day. Celebrate the little things. Hug your mom and/or dad. Annoy your sibling/s. And last but not least, be well and find the treasures in every day.

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